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A Shooting Star!

 By Karen Cook Leonard

Guess what?

Cowley County Community College has a "Shooting Star" in its midst! Our very own Sydney Winegar is an officially published author!!

Her book on Amazon, "PLAGUED," published under Sydney Beatty, is now for sale on Amazon! I'm not a professional marketer, and I'm not trying to be, but I have had the privilege of sharing several classes with this brilliant young lady, and I just wanted to share with the Cowley College Family!

This talented and bright girl has been a super sweet and helpful peer/schoolmate from the beginning. I haven't been able to order and read her book yet, but I can tell you from sharing writing classes that this young lady is going places! And she has a heart of gold!

I have read her works in class and seen such growth that I'm super excited to read her book. I am so happy to see such an accomplishment from a wonderful young lady, and I know she is going to do some fabulous things in her life; this is just the beginning!

Sydney has the ability in her writing to transport the reader to wherever she chooses, and I am so grateful to have met her through online classes and shared her work. I want to congratulate Sydney, and I look forward to getting my copy and more books from her to come!!! Way to go, Sydney!!

Remember, if you happen to know Miss Sydney and see her around, give her a big shout-out for an excellent accomplishment for a young lady just getting started!!

Sydney Winegar

(From Sydney)

Well, ladies and gents, it’s finally here. After four years of talk, it’s about time I own the walk. “PLAGUED,” by yours truly, is officially available to buy on Amazon and is coming soon to stores near you!

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