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  • Syriah Marque


‘The Celebration’

Aegean hazy blue as the cloud of singing and a faint

Breeze of that bittersweet suffocating stench crawled throughout the building.

Cut up jeans and miniskirts swayed too the

Drum of the intoxicating tune that

Echoed off their sweaty bodies.

Fatigued swore feet entwined with the night drowning out the

Glass bottles that shattered as they

Hit the bottom of the gruesome bens.

Impure thoughts carved for attention

Just below the surface. Like a fire it

Kindled. Its embers

Lurking, searching for something to feast on. Its

Mincing eyes hid behind the vial of the dim lights.

Nearing down its options

One by one.

Quickly it decides its next victim’s fate. Imagining it

Ripping and tearing its innocent away.

Stepping closer it crept along

The walls. Threatening anything that got in its way.

Unaware it catches its pray, as

Vast blue eyes hypnotized the

Wandering and lonely.

Xanthic skin painted a dark red as another fell hopeless and a

Zombie-like creature was made.

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