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  • Syriah Marque

Andy's Football

Sunday football is appreciated by many families around the world. Families big and small gather together to watch these games. The younger family members tend to struggle to pay attention to the game. A new and interesting way to enjoy watching one of these games is in live animation. But this live animation is unique because it’s based on a beloved movie series, "Toy Story".

Toy Story is a movie about a group of toys going on adventures while learning about friendship and sticking together. This crossover between football and "Toy Story" allows for all ages to enjoy "Funday Football."

An article written by Joe Lemire explains why and how "Toy Story Funday Football" was created.

CEO of Beyond Sports, Sander Schouten says, “It has two sides to it: One is to get a smile on the face of the kids and parents that grew up with Toy Story, And the other end that is to make it really fun and entertaining for all these new kids are going to be NFL fans, hopefully from Sunday onwards.”

If you would like to read more about bringing the love of football and animation, together in Joe Lemire article Click here.

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