• Ryan Doom

Autumn’s Child

My favorite time of year.

When you can smell the spice.

Floating through the cinnamon breeze.

Warm toned leaves

Of gold, auburn, and amber

Shivering slightly

From wind’s teasing bite.

Every night is filled

With bonfires and marshmallows.

With foggy mornings and

Supernatural beings.

Sunsets filling the sky

With a painter’s hand

Of pinks, oranges, and blue.

Fading into darkness,

Lady of the Night’s realm.

Where magic fills the twilight

And remembrance revives

Dead loved ones.

A kiss from Eurus

His fingers tousling my hair,

And I’m back in my favorite season.

The season of pumpkins

And time of spooks.

Author: Sheena Arzola

Cowley Student

Fall Contest 2021

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