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Bees a buzzing

Honeybees, a very important creature for all of nature. Though their stings are painful the work they do for nature is beautiful.

An article, "Here's All the Buzz About Honeybees" by Greg Uyeno on Live Science, talks about the importance that honeybees have on the environment, it also talks about threats to honeybees, how they make honey, and honey products. Bees live all over the world and growing up around them you might think they're just a harmful creature to stay away from. Still, humans should actually help and protect them because "Honeybees also provide a valuable service by pollinating flowers as they forage, thus helping wildflowers reproduce and helping farms yield more and better produce" (Uyeno).

With honeybees helping plants and flowers reproduce, they make life better not just for humans but life better for every animal by providing a stable food supply. Even though they have such importance, there are many threats to them, some from humans and some from other creatures. "Some of the biggest problems facing honeybees in the U.S. include varroa mites, which are blood-sucking parasites that transmit disease; American foulbrood, a bacterial infection that kills bee larvae; climate change; and urbanization" (Uyeno).

Finding ways to reduce these risks like being more thoughtful about urbanization and lessening the amount of population we put in the air is something achievable. Teaching people at a young age about honeybees could help them and help the environment.

CLICK HERE to find out more information about the importance of honey bees and all the useful things they can bring about.

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