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  • Hannah Richardson

Fuel The Fire

Have you ever been in that situation where you just can’t seem to start writing and are having trouble setting the right mood, but then the music kicks ins. Music is a great way to get one’s self writing and is perfect for setting the mood for a story. In many forms of media music is used to set the mood and help draws attention to the story or bring out a certain emotion for specific scenes. One example of music being used to set mood can be found in

video games.

Video games are responsible for the creation of thousands of wonderful soundtracks that could

be used by writers to help capture the moment. On top already wonderful there are countless remixes that are just as good as the original soundtrack. Yet another to use the music of games to write is that it allows the listener to focus as the music from games has been designed to improve the motivation of the player. In the article “The Joy of Video Game Music” by Kellen Beck explains why game music can be such a useful

tool for helping people through their day. “Video game music has to do all the things that more traditional music does: convey emotions, alter the mood, and send a message. But it also performs the important task of keeping players motivated, intrigued, and focused.”-Kellen Beck, “The Joy of Video Game Music” I you want to find out for your self why Kellen thinks gaming music is such a great tool click here.

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