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  • Ryan Doom

Godzilla has Chickenpox

Godzilla is back

His lizard skin is dark and black

But he has these red spots on his back

He might be dying let’s hit him with rocks

He’s not dying he has chickenpox

We need to go run, run, run

Assuming he isn’t here to have fun

His fire breath bright much like the sun

We need to leave get in the car

Don’t know where we will go but it will be far

Godzilla is getting closer and closer to that church full of people

But he stops and stares at the sharp point of the steeple

I guess fear is what you lack

As you get out of the car and start to laugh

And you say as you give your leg a smack

He’s isn’t trying to hurt us he’s just trying to scratch his back

Author: Hunter Freeman

Cowley Student

Fall Contest 2021

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