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  • Hannah Richardson

Making Your Own Film?

If you’ve seen my blog posts so far, you know that I love movies. A lot. They’re my favorite past time and I’m hoping to go into the film industry someday. Anyway, in the times that we live in, many movie theaters are closed. It’s sad, especially because a lot of theaters have had to shut down do to the fact that they have no money coming in. I was searching for articles about film and found this one entitled, “You, too, can remake a low-budget movie for the Sweded Film Festival.” Well, in Tallahassee, Florida on November 30th they are putting on a Sweded Film Festival. This doesn’t mean it’s Swedish movies as it sounds, it’s simply a title that references a movie. It’s open for anyone in the country to make and submit a 3-5-minute film. It’s perfectly fine if you have no experience. They have to be submitted by November 15th and the best ones will be featured in a compilation. “Movie lovers buy tickets online through their local movie theaters, but watch at home, with about half of each ticket benefiting an independent cinema.” For more details click here

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