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  • Makayla Dick

Health is God's Will

God's will isn't always easy to understand, especially in a world that tends to cancel it, but it's more important than ever when it comes to health. An article done by, The Christian Science Monitor, says it directly correlates to the practice of Jesus' life. "He showed that health is an inevitable result of knowing God and living a life that expresses Him -- a life of purity, affection, spiritually-impelled purpose" (Health). God's character is imposed in the article, showing that there is power in the motivation of our own self-will. We can disregard what is not apart of divine will, and that's where our choice begins as part of our story. Such as, accepting love and goodness, but disposing of hate and bitterness that comes along with all ill practices. These inspirations take heart in the pieces put together in this organization and by this writer. The ideas suppose a certain ideal that God composes, "Disease is not God's will. It has no law, permanence, or harmony. It is self-will opposed to divine will. Health is God's will, and what is not God's will we have a divine right to dispose of. With the law of health, we can resist and overcome disease and sickness. Just as self-will yields to divine will, diseased matter must give way to spiritual substance and health" (Health).

By learning about health, and the divine gift- found in God's love, we can understand what abundant health looks like. By referencing our lives, to that of Christ, and following his example of health we can begin to understand what God's will looks like for us and for everybody. And that might be, the transformation of our body, mind, and spirit to a more healthy and fulfilled life- represented in his freedom. The writers of this, had a remarkable idea in the face of of our confusions about health. What if it was different than what we all thought it was? God's will combines all the disciplines of health into the meaningful practice of recognizing the love God displays, and guides us to our own in harmony.

Click here to understand more about what the Christian Science Monitor says about health and how it can bring rejuvenation to your mind, soul, and body.

Begin your health journey today and find the energy you need to attain the purposes that strive you to be better everyday.

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