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  • Eden Williams

Mother Nature's Season of Warm Colors

You smell the rainy weather, the crisp leaves that crunch below your feet. The falling remnants of trees as they become almost bare. The air begins to grow cooler as our days become shorter with sunlight. The grand season of Autumn is what you would call this change. The leaves of all sizes change to the colors of red, some yellow, orange, even brown, and mixtures of all.

Nightfall comes sooner than before, still bringing the beautiful starry skies. Some nights with cloudier skies. Birds begin to travel to warmer destinations. Wild animals start preparing for the icy days yet to come.

Perfect timing to make jumping piles of leaving--just to end up raking them together again. Hot drinks like tea and hot cocoa get popular again. The scary sweetness of jumpscares and candy swings by with Halloween at the door and the soon to come Thanksgiving.



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