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  • Syriah Marque

Overcoming Daily Challenges

Everyone has their challenges and circumstances they have to overcome in life. These challenges can range from workplace issues, to unfair treatment, and health concerns.

Class Room Conflicts

My mother is an art teacher in Winfield. While teaching my mom gets the opportunity to see her students overcome many different challenges. One of her students, in particular, is color blind. Being color blind in a class where you learn colors is rather difficult. Despite his setbacks, he would not let this stop him from learning.

During one of my mother’s classes, she was teaching her students about color charts. For this assignment, you had to color in the colors on the color chart. My mother planned on helping her student after she got the class on task. Instead of waiting, he helped himself.

He started by looking at the other kids’ papers. The other students, being able to see the colors on the example chart, had written the names of the colors in the blank spaces. That gave him the idea to look for the crayons that also labeled their colors on the box. Comparing the names on the box to the ones on the paper, he started to fill in the blanks. This allowed the students to get their work done on their own and at the same pace as the other students.

The spark continues.

Later on, in that class period, my mom thought back to how her student helped himself. She noticed how he used his resources and read the labels on the crayon box. That made her think of all the things that could be labeled to help her students.

Another assignment she had planned this week included learning colors on the color chart. That week, she planned on having her students paint with watercolors. For this assignment, they were learning how to make secondary colors from the primary colors. Unlike the water crayons, the watercolors were not labeled. To give all her students an equal opportunity to learn, she labeled the containers.

Our everyday lives are filled with obstacles. Some challenges can feel bigger than others. Regardless of the challenge, what matters is what you do when faced with them.

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