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Overcoming Writer's Block: Defeating Your Demons

When I was a child, writing was a way for me to escape into my little fantasy worlds. It was a way for me to hide from the trauma of my childhood, the hardships that came with being a part of my family. Writing started off as a hobby, a safe space. As I grew older, my reading got better as well as my imagination, and my writing took off, exploring new heights and new wonders. I wrote a three-hundred-page book when I was twelve years old and I was proud of my work. Unfortunately, my parents, being super strict Christians, decided to rip it up and throw it away because it wasn't a Christian book. I have struggled with writer's block ever since, trying new ways to overcome any issues causing it.

As I grew into adulthood, I found a few ways to help me with my writing. Every writer is different and my steps to cure writer's block might not work for others, but it definitely won't hurt to try.

The first thing that helps me is to take a break from writing and do something else. Sometimes, it helps to give your thoughts a break. Maybe take a step back and refresh your brain before trying again. Try a new perspective.

The second thing that works for me is to do some freewriting. I usually try to write for a certain amount of time every single day, while still taking breaks between my writing. You don't even have to do your usual writing. Keep a journal or write something else, maybe a poem or short story.

Finally, the main thing that helps me with my writing is to eliminate any distractions. Distractions break focus. Get rid of anything that might interrupt you or disturb you, but maybe find something that might help focus you as well. For me, I found that music really helps me with my writing. Soft background music.

There are other ways to help overcome writer's block. Other ways that might work better for others. Just know that writing is a passion and writer's block is just a speed bump. A speed bump that can be crossed.

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