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  • Ryan Doom

Photo/Art Collection: Fall 2022 Horror Contest

Another year, more fear! Please check out our Fall 2022 Horror Contest selections for this year. We have some great submissions this year, including:

Fiction works by Cowley students Myah Cook-Hendrickson, David F. Winfrey, and Cowley alumni Vic Olmstead.

Poetry works by Cowley student Syriah Marque.

Photo and art by Cowley students Dylan Edwards, Charlotte Smith, Myah Cook-Hendrickson, and Cowley instructor Marlys Cervantes.

Thank you everyone for submitting! Please enjoy the photos and art below!


“Faceless Figures”

by Dylan Edwards

“Hollow Haiku”

by Charlotte Smith

“Taken By Darkness”

by Myah Cook-Hendrickson

“Reaching For You”

by Marlys Cervantes


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