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  • Sydney Winegar

Poetry Speaks

Many of us are familiar with the written art that is poetry. Poetry is like a song, only it is set at

its own pace with its own unique tones, expressions, and pauses, and it is not set to music. Some classic poets many of us are familiar with are William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Robert Frost. There are many more poets I could go on to list; the point is however, that the world of poetry is more known than what many people realize, and it is often taken for granite due to its artistic, feminine, emotional approach.

Poetry is the key that unlocks the secret gates that hideaway the cosmic makeup of our souls. Poetry is the stardust that flecks away in the glow of your eyes. Poetry is the soft wind that makes the bristles of wheat stalks sway. Poetry is rotting garbage and soggy cardboard boxes that decay in a dumpster. Poetry's the salty tears that run down like columns against someone's cheeks. Poetry can be composed of anything; and it can be driven in any direction, from any given standpoint, and it's done so through perspective.

A poet's purpose and desire is to show the reader something from their own personal perspective, and to translate it in such a way so that the reader will look at it the way the poet does. The same can also go for how the poet feels about something. The beauty of poetry is that it's derived to make us feel something. It brings awareness to our hearts and, dare I say, our souls, and it makes us realize little things about ourselves that we never would have thought to of notice before.

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