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Practice Makes Perfect

Speaking in public is something that is bound to happen quite a few times in life even if you try to avoid it.

So when you do have to talk in front of others, having practiced would be very helpful, and that's exactly what "10 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills" by Marjorie North talks about. The 10 tips provided, cover every aspect on speech improvement. Some of the more notable ones are "The best way to overcome anxiety is to prepare, prepare, and prepare some more" and "Be yourself, don’t become a talking head—in any type of communication" (North).

The best way not to get nervous is not being someone you're not. Being yourself will help you be more comfortable when speaking. Other things to improve your public speaking are having a visual aid and using hand gestures. Both of these distract the audience from looking you in the eye the entire time.

Practicing in front of friends and family is also helpful. But public speaking can still be very hard for some people, even if they practice. Simply because anxiety can take over and cause them to stumble saying words or forget them entirely, so don't be mad at yourself; just know you need to improve a little more.

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