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  • Chad Killblane

"Rememberin' the Day After"

A 2020 October Contest Winner: Cowley Faculty

Most people will tell ya it started the day after. But that ain’t true; It’d been creepin up for a long time, all slow like. Just got noisy that day. See, there was this Liberian fella who said normal life goes on during war. He’s right, fer the most part you don’t notice a thing. Then one day, boom yer house is gone, yer family is gone, yer life is gone. Everything you thought you had is vaporized; cause some suma bitch want you to believe the way they do See it don’t really matter who’s right and whose wrong, cause they’re all assholes. In fact, I reckon the more good someone thinks they are; the more they are capable of being evil. Strange thing being the good guy; it seems you gotta do an awful lot of bad things, to be one. Taken a long time fer it to calm down, and I did a lot of things I aint proud of. I tell myself, I had to survive, but sometimes I doubt my own words. Did I really have to do that, did they really, no can’t think that shit. It only makes things worse. Still every night I go to bed spectin things to heat up again. The quiets a fragile thing, and I just keep waiting for it to break. They say were gettin back to normal, but that’s a pile of crap. There aint no normal, not no more. There’s just livin and dyin. Worse part about it, all the fightin changed nuthin. We’re are right back where we started. It’s only a matter of time till it all goes to shit again.

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