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  • David F. Winfrey


It was eerie that night of the sleepover and the chills in the Autumn air were crisp and cool. We are a group of 10 friends that range from 11 to 12 years old tucked tightly in our sleeping bags and after our pillow fights the night before our heads are a complete rat's nest. We got up to momma in the kitchen frying eggs and bacon for breakfast (I can still smell her cooking) as the day off to a start. Life was carefree and uneventful in our small town.

Along the way as we were out and met an inventor of the time machine. This machine could teleport a person from the present time to the future or the past at any given time. This machine caught my attention and introduced me to my grandfather whom I never knew and always wanted to meet. Suddenly, I heard an old voice say,” am so proud of the person you have become.” I did not want to go back to the present time and the reality of living the rest of my years without him.

I also time-traveled to meet my future children, two boys and one girl with golden blond hair. The boys looked like my father and the girl must look like my future husband because she looks nothing like me or any kin folk of mine. As I look back, I can see that the past is important, but the future holds so much more. I had to take a moment to catch my breath and realize that the time machine gave me a glimpse of the future and the past. And I realized that it is not the number of breaths one takes but the moments that take our breath away that really matter. As for now. I will be good with living in the here, and now, and not the past nor the future. I have plenty of time to grow up, I might as well enjoy it while I am young.

I am glad to be back to my carefree childhood and I know what the future holds now that I have traveled thousands of miles in the time machine. I take a moment to look around me at my friends at the sleepover and I know that for this moment we are just children and one day we will be mothers and wives to someone special we fall in love with and make fathers of our children. I learned that I only live once and meeting the inventor gave me a glimpse of the past I never know and the future I will soon have, but for now, I will just settle with being 12 years old and hanging out with my friends. I do often think of that sleepover now that I am 64 and realize the future, I see them is the future I would have, and it is spot on. I did not know then what I know now, and I am satisfied with my life in general.

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