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  • Karen Leonard

Spring Has Sprung!!

By Karen Leonard

What is your favorite thing about Spring? Here are "20 Reasons Why Spring Is the Best Season of the Year" from a Good Housekeeping article written in March of 2018 by LAUREN SMITH MCDONOUGH, a senior editor. We all have our favorite things about spring, with the weather getting nicer out and school getting ready for summer break, so there is so much to do!!

McDonough writes about how Tulips, Cherry Blossoms, and, for coffee lovers, Iced Coffee are just the beginning of the wonderful things to be excited about in Spring. Other favorites are the beautiful gardens people dedicate so much time to, such as flowers and vegetables. Picnics with family and Art shows popping up as fast as the Irises and Tulips.

Add some Butterflies and Jean jackets to spend the few hours of daytime still left when school and work get out for most, which can make for a perfect afternoon to create lasting memories. End-of-the-school-year activities and the opening of spring attractions cause adults to have difficulty sitting still in their chairs.

"Pink dresses, baby blue bow ties, seriously, we can't get enough. It's really the only time of year (besides maybe Christmas) you can get the kids to wear something other than jeans," writes McDonough, and it's overwhelmingly agreed upon by many!

It's the time to get out, start your spring cleaning and training, and prepare for the coming summer months. For many of our older generations, it's the only time to be able to get out without fear of the cold, slick weather or the devastating heat Kansas can put us through.

So, now that April is here, it's time to start making those lists of outdoor activities! For just a handful of ideas, read Lauren Smith McDonough's article and remember that there are so many beautiful things out there to do and so many places to visit! And remember, a good dose of vitamin D is always recommended! Enjoy your Spring!!

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