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  • Sydney Winegar

Spring is Here!

It's official: Spring has graced us with its long-awaited presence! The earth is finally awakened from its wintry slumber, adorned in a vibrant tapestry of colors and life! The once-barren branches are now in bud, ready to burst forth into full bloom! I have been waiting for spring for what feels like a lifetime. The seasonal depression was starting to get tiring, but now, with later March rolling around, there is hope! When we step outside, the air feels crispy, yet it's filled with the promise of warmth to come. The birds sing joyfully, celebrating the return of longer days and sun-kissed skies. All the creepy crawlies are coming out of their holes and basking themselves in the light of the warming days, and I often find myself joining them to try and get a head start on my tan.

Gone are the days of bundling up in layers upon layers; instead, we embrace the sun's gentle rays on our skin. Of course, however, this is Kansas. We experience all four seasons in a week, but the overruling weight of warm, sunny weather triumphs. Just the other day, my brother whipped out the lawn mower to give the lawn its first trim of the season, and it smelled so good! Smelling freshly cut grass and blooming flowers in the morning fills me with a sense of cheerfulness. I'm more than ready to start spending more time outside, and speaking of time, a time of renewal and rebirth is upon us. It's time to shake off the deeds of winter and times past and start embracing the new things life offers!

On every corner, signs of life abound--from the cheerful daffodils peeking through the soil to the sweet buzz of the bumble bees flitting from flower to flower. It's as if nature itself is rejoicing, welcoming us into its annual celebration of rebirth and vitality.

So, let's bask in the beauty of this magical season, savoring each moment as we witness the world come alive once more. Spring is not just a season; it's a reminder of the resilience of life and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Here's to new beginnings, brighter days, and the simple joys that spring brings!

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