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  • Garrick Johnson

The Darkness Sets In

The darkness set in; half past seven, the wind comes down from the north and slithers through the trees and the branches stir restlessly as the nocturnal fog awakens, rising up from the dark ground.

Things are not as they should be… but no one can quite put their finger on what it is. The darkness sets in; the streets are all silent, everyone has gone to their houses and locked their doors for the night has fallen. The moon makes the shadows on the cobblestone road darker as the street lights seem to flicker. The darkness sets in as the wind sends a malicious hiss through the baren road.

Something is coming, something ancient, something mysterious, something… evil.

The darkness set in as his sickened hand touches the earth; a hand stained with greed, stained with hate, stained with sorrow, stained with loss. Chaos is his cause; regret is his only friend. Why is he this way? No one knows, no one cared to find out.

A lifeless and disfigured smile creeps across his sickly colored face; he has been freed from an ancient prison and let loose upon the earth; Now he wants revenge. Things are not as they should be, he should have never escaped; now he is free… and the darkness sets in.

Author: Garrick Johnson

Cowley Student

Fall Contest 2021



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