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The Wind Spins

Tornadoes: a natural occurrence that turns the air into a deadly weapon. A weapon that darkens the world, where wind connects the Earth and sky in the form of a tube, and shreds everything in its path like a blender.

An article titled "Tornadoes," by Laura Goertzel on National Geographic Kids, talks about the cause of tornadoes, a tornado's capabilities, and how to stay safe during one. Tornadoes in America mainly occur in tornado valley, "This zone in the Midwest extends from Texas to Ohio and includes Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Nebraska." Living in such states can be dangerous if you're not prepared well enough. "The wind from a tornado can top 250 miles an hour."

Out-driving a tornado is most likely not going to happen so having a shelter plan would be the best decision. Taking a video of a tornado that is heading your way could end badly for you, even if the tornado is far out it can arrive in front of you before you have time to escape. "Thunderstorms form when cold, dry air is pushed over warm, humid air. When that warm air rises through the colder air, it causes an updraft, or a change in wind direction" with this being the cause of tornadoes, tornadoes will occur more during the transition from winter to summer.

During March through July looking at the weather channel more often won't be that bad of an idea. Tornadoes can occur any time of the year and in a variety of regions, so when staying someplace and looking up the chance a tornado could happen there and start being prepared could save your life. To look at more information about tornadoes CLICK HERE.

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