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  • Makayla Dick

Time of Your Life

You've probably watched the famous movie Dirty Dancing, with the song in at the end titled; I've had the time of my life. Everyone loves it, because it provokes such an arousing emotion. So, when you hear songs and watch movie's that give you a surreal sense of serotonin like that, do you ever wonder where that comes from? I know I do, I've wondered where that wonder and color in my brain comes from, when I feel a wave of passion brush over me. It's almost like, maybe for you, imagining a car swerve past and you smell the gasoline and exhaust take a hit over you- it's a serotonin and passion burst of lightning. You don't know where you got it, you don' know if your parents gave it to you- but you know it's there. I have always loved movies, I've loved people, and I have a craving audacity for adventure. I'm sure you do too. So, when it happens what do you do? Do you follow it or runaway from it because it's so daringly frightening.

We've all been blessed with a different amount of talent in whatever way, or direction that it awakes on us. It's more outside of the usual, sometimes too, because we think how can this even be possible? You might have a dream that escapes the realm of original reality; it's just that big. Does that scare you; that your dreams dare to be in a place where you question your own self?

Friend, that's where you should be. Taking a place beyond what your reality seeks, and what your imagination puts in place- for the canvas of artistry and purpose.

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