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  • Makayla Dick


Being uninspired is hard, but yet rewarding at the same time. We look into the mirror somedays and we think, how could this ever turn into something... but we don't see the other side of the reflection. The reflection that we seek, isn't always blandly leading and confidently staring at us back in the face. Sometimes we have to become one with the person that we see in order to fix the problems and ideas and seek. I've searched a lot for purpose and I've searched a lot for color, especially in the moments where all I could see was grey. Seeing with open eyes, prospectively, tends to lead us to places we never said we wanted to go. I have dreams, I have aspirations, and I have greatness waiting ahead of me. Is this my thought or is this my context of what I think my life has in preparation before me? Greatness is deep seeded into the root of society, into highly integrated places of culture. In cocktail party's and balls. I wonder if that life is more of a rouge, to get us to think that was what our mind desired our lives to be all along. The fact that I'm even writing this seems superficial, it seems crazy that words are coming out of my head in a way, that are being processed into some kind of story through the message that my spirit wants to say.

There is a proverb and there is a saying, that will always take us back to the roots of time, where it all began and started with us in story. Our deep, integrated longing to search for a rising action to our exposition-exceeds the words of it all. Because if you really think about, and listen to everything you do in one day or another, you'll realize you've been living through words and feeling of those experiences to create purpose for the spirit to intercede. Our youth does not come from us and it does not come from the thought that it is owed to us either.

Youth is the beginning of our story at the hands that gave it to us in the very first place. We did not choose to be youthful and we did not choose to be alive- yet we feel as if our lives are of that existential thought. There are so many things that we take out of our reflection and so many things that we think we should be for our reflection. But, in all reality it is a reflection of the one who gave it to us, who created it for us to live through him. This blog not about reflection, and it is not about the words that create a story, rather it is the way that our story is made of itself. We can't even begin to explain how we even got here or why we are here but someone does know. And when we trust that our story is interwoven within God's we'll understand how story is apart of everything else as well. The creation story is our story and our story alone is told by that one.

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