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What Does "Creativity" Mean To You?

By Karen Leonard


The definition of “Creativity” on Google is:

          The use of imagination or original ideas, especially in producing an artistic work.


As a Creative Writer Major and a well-seasoned Crafter of all kinds, I agree with that. Another way of putting it could be that “creativity is what you make of it, and it comes in all forms.” Creativity is not designated to one or two specific areas. It is all around us and comes like we, people, do, in all shapes and sizes; the imagination of the person creating it is the only thing that limits it.

 My favorite thing about Creative Writing is the broad spectrum of genres and how, through the years, every author of any written form, even so slightly, puts their own personal mark on their work. From Fictional Novels, Short Stories, Essays, and Poetry to Movies, TV Sitcoms, and Commercials (These later things begin with someone writing or typing the storyline up…the written form). And the imagination that one uses is limitless!

 One can take original ideas and make incredible artistic statements, even “borrowing” an idea (with due recognition). An ordinary person can take an idea that someone else began with and create something phenomenally new and exciting. I choose writing, but I also do a lot of crafts. Color Pencil colorings, jewelry making, pottery, woodworking…I could go on and on, and I love to try something new.

There are times when I have a general idea of what I intend to create, and there are other times when I start with one idea, which blossoms into something entirely different.

Not all of my ideas make it to a “finished” product or object, and some that do may never see past the corner of my room that I tuck it away in because I didn’t like how it came out. It happens to everyone! And it does not mean you cannot start over! Give it another try, and see if it develops into something different and incredible.

Many people I have met tell me they are not creative. My daughter is one who will say she is not creative. Want to know what I think? I hope so because here it comes… people who feel as though they are not creative have either tried something, and it did not come out as their mind visualized it. Or perhaps they created something, and someone else couldn’t see their vision because of their own personal vision of what it “should” be that got in the way.

Creativity must have an open perspective to be successful and satisfying, not only to the creator but to the audience as well.

If you demand creations to fit into specific categories with no room for the unforeseen, I can tell you from experience that you will be disappointed. Most people who feel like they aren’t able to create have either run into themselves blocking their potential or someone else’s off-hand comment that stuck with that person and made them afraid to try to create again.

So, I ask you again, “What does “creativity” mean to you?” I think it means there’s a possibility out there for beautiful creations; we have to keep looking until something fits, even if it’s just for a part-time hobby. Good luck. I hope you find something that inspires you to do some creative work!



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