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  • Bryce Runyan

Where to Begin for Beginners

Writing is wonderful, and there's nothing wrong with a passion for words. Yet, as someone who is likely in college, just starting out, and/or don't have any experience in the career field of writing, you may not know where to begin. It can be intimidating to step into a new career field, and it might be putting your finances on the line if you can't find a secure job; sometimes the markets for writers can feel crowded and intimidating.

So what about Freelance work? Another intimidating factor is that it requires you to maintain stability for a secure income. Yet if you don't want to battle with cold corporations or work a boring 9-5, it might be good for those who love writing and don't mind spending time on projects.

In the following article, "I earn over $100,000 a year as a freelance writer — here's where I tell aspiring writers to start" from Business Insider, the catchy writer Danny Margulies provides a very useful tip for those looking for work:

A lot of would-be freelance writers psych themselves out of starting because they don’t have a portfolio of work to show potential clients. But that’s a big mistake. The truth is, most clients don’t care how much work you’ve done (or haven’t done) in the past. They just want to see proof that you can do their job. The best way to show them that proof is to write a customized sample that’s very similar to the work they need.

This advice is great no matter what job you're looking for; writing or not. Always craft a portfolio or resume that tailors to the eyes of who you're submitting it to. If you want to read the rest of this article, also written by a freelance writer, you can check it out here: CLICK HERE

The article does sound a bit like a clickbait title for those looking to get money and fast, but sometimes they can have some useful information. Just be sure to take their words with a grain of salt, because not everybody has the same paths of success! Always have the courage to assert your worth, because you deserve to be paid for your skills and your time. The best part is that you can start doing it as a side job until you work your way into something better that fits your creative and scheduled needs.

Writing is an extremely overlooked gift, considering how strongly our world revolves around written, typed, spoken, and organized words. If you love to write, there is probably a way to exercise your gifts and talents while also rewarding you for your efforts.

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