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  • Hannah Richardson

Writer's Block

We’ve all been plagued with the daunting feat known as writer’s block. It’s a tough rut to dig yourself out of. In times of the Corona Virus and everything else going on in 2020, I’ve noticed that creativity has either sparked majorly for people or fizzled out. In times that are tough that’s sometimes the time when people’s imaginations soar; unfortunately for me that’s definitely not the case. I’ve been feeling really uninspired lately. So, looking up an article about how to help with writer’s block seemed like the perfect solution.

The article is from The News Herald. The writer of this article, Tony Simmons, asked his friends what they do when they are experiencing writer’s block and listed out their responses. There’s a wide array of answers, including things such as meditation, painting, and going someplace they’ve never been before. Although this article is about helping writer’s block the author himself doesn’t necessarily believe in it.

“I have always said I don't believe in writer's block, because writing is a craft; you never hear of plumbers having "plumber's block," do you? They just get on with the work, which is what I have always done.”

He goes on to say that he rarely experiences it and when he does he calls it ‘writer’s exhaustion.’

If you want to read about more ways to help out your writer’s block then click here for the full article.

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