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  • Bryce Runyan

Your Words Matter

"My writing sucks" is something you've probably said to yourself before, or something similar. You feel like nothing you write makes sense, it's not good enough for you, and nobody else would like it either. Hopefully, you understand what you're thinking isn't true. We are all our own worst critics, and we like to compare ourselves to our best or someone else's best.

Your writing doesn't have to be perfect right away, and it doesn't have to be perfect within a certain amount of time. Even if you feel as though your writing isn't up to your desired standards, that doesn't make it bad. If you feel like your writing isn't going to be put out there because you think it's the worst, it might still have a chance of being good.

It's almost a rule of writing that once you've written something, you should take a break from it, and come back later with a new perspective. If it's still not good, then you can always tweak and edit it; but make sure to come back later to see if it still sounds good. If you don't trust your own opinion, you can always consult with a friend or a writing forum to get feedback and critiques - just don't take it personally!

Don't forget to have faith in yourself, because nobody is a naturally good writer. It takes time, practice, work, and education even if you don't plan on being a novelist. You will have your ups and downs, your diamonds and dust, but you are ultimately in control of how and what you write about. Don't bully yourself out of your hobbies and passions just because you feel less than good enough! Your words matter to others, and they matter to you when you're expressing yourself.

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