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  • Sydney Winegar

2024 Is the Year to Marry!

I'm sure many of you have seen it, but with all the Christmas and New Year's engagements in 2023, walking into the new year can feel like a loaded plate! Everywhere you look you see that someone is getting married of engaged, and that 2024 is the year to get married!

What's with all the hype about getting married in 2024?

Word on the street is that 2024 is a "lucky" year to get married because it's the year of the Wood Dragon, a famous and well-known Chinese zodiac. says, "The Dragon is a majestic and lucky creature in Chinese folklore, symbolizing bravery, creativity, and innovation. According to the Chinese horoscope, 2024 is a year full of potential and opportunities for personal growth, professional success, and social impact.'' The year of the dragon is upon us, spreading its luck and possibilities to us all, especially those who have big hopes of tying the knot this year.

With that, 2024 is also a leap year, meaning there is an extra day, making this year 366 days long instead of the typical 365. All over Instagram, brides-to-be are posting on how 2024 is a lucky year to get married due to this year's numbers and what they add up to: 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 = 8. What's the big deal about the number 8? If you turn the number eight onto its side, it looks like an infinity symbol. Thus 2024 is a lucky year to get married because it symbolizes and shows the infinite and undying love a couple has for each other, once again adding to the fun and is another great reason to get hitched in 2024!

To review, 2024 is the top-notch year to get married. With the luck of the Chinese Wood Dragon, along with infinite love and an extra day for good luck, getting married this year will set the couple off on the right foot. Even though these are all silly little superstitions, they are still fun to consider as you and your partner venture into this hopeful new year!

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