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A Young Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman is a 22-year-old black woman who gave an amazing performance at President Biden’s Inauguration. She read her breath-taking poem named, “The Hill We Climb.” A poem that was written about the struggles our country faces. She left those who listened to her in quiet amazement. She performed this poem only 10 days after the events that took place at the Capitol on January 6th, which fueled her to take a slightly different approach to the poem.

She quotes: “I’m not going to say that that completely derailed the poem because I was not surprised at what happened. I have seen the signs and the symptoms for a while, and I was not trying to turn a blind eye to that. But what it did is it energized me even more, to believe that much more firmly in a message of hope and unity and healing. I felt like that was the type of poem that I needed to write, and it was the type of poem that the country and the world needed to hear.” (UpWorthy)

She wanted a type of poem that would leave an impact on the country. A poem about being the daughter of single black women who descended from slaves who had the dream to one day become President but found herself reciting a poem for one at his inauguration. She talks about wanting to live in a better world and to rebuild the one that was left for us by those in the past.

Her poem is an amazing written piece of art that can be heard Here, and her interview discussing reading for President Biden can be heard, Here.

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