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  • Eden Williams

Drip, Drop, Relax

Despite the frequent hot weather, the longing for a nice gloomy wet day makes you eagerly watch the clouds in the sky. Even the slightest gray color in a cloud makes you hope for the drops of water hitting the dry ground. You constantly watch the weather or check your weather app for any signs or watches of rain. Anytime the weather people report something about a storm possibly occurring, it is the best news to hear.

As the little sprinkles start to fall, they hit the dry ground; they stream down windows and other downward surfaces. You can see miles ahead of you getting covered in the little droplets as they become heavier and turn into actual raindrops. Those miles you could see far away start to shrink as the rain turns into a downpour. The constant heavy rain drenches everything in its path as you begin to step outside into the water wonderland.

Raindrops fall onto your hair, drenching your strands. They trickle down your face as little droplets get stuck in your eyelashes as you blink—the feeling of cool water dripping down your arms and reaching your fingertips. The downpour of rain covers your body, soaking your clothes.

The pitter-patter of the rain hitting the ground. The rushing water on the sides of the roads runs into the curbs. The thought of the rain is peaceful if you take a second to stop and listen to mother nature's songs.

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