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  • Makayla Dick

Letting Go

Letting go is the hardest part... You've heard this in so many songs, I'm guessing more than one. We tend to associate our value with the things that we associate with rather than what we are and what we believe. There is a certain resonation when it comes to memories and times where you played the happy part. Usually when we have a certain aspect of our life to let go, it's a process that requires determination and grit. It doesn't come with sunshine and rainbows but rather the dark clouds above us that keep raining. It's like today: a muggy, fairly cloudy day, slight change of precipitation, and a forecast that calls us all for a Netflix show and a cup of coffee. It's a lethargic sensory feeling of emotions that calls to a sense of comfort when we experience it. We want to stay comfortable when the clouds tell us to go wrap up in bed and ignore the gloominess that the day has ahead- it's part of our nature. The thing about it- we have to flip the script and become comfortable in the uncomfortable. Letting go, with all of its good before it- calls us to a different triumph of life. Even when the path says we should crave the comfort- the new paths place the roadmap to an amazing adventure that secures our true potential. If we keep with the place, by which we know we have to leave, we sacrifice what we really want. One of the most amazing things is when we decide that our emotions cannot control us, they are only a part of us. There is strength, in not only choosing to ignore them, but to free yourself from them in the beauty of their transformation of your soul. Through the adversity and tones of the profound mysteries in the deep unknown, we can be guided by the hand of our prosperity in letting go. When we say, God there is better and you are it, you are my better. A shift then takes place in the uncomfortable seeps of our crevices for comfort. When we go beyond the comfort and express our creativity for better, it gives us a new future that we would have not otherwise had. By being more open and okay to letting the unsettling be a gift to yourself, it shows your acceptance for your own identity. When we become one with life circumstances and trust the scattered people are apart of it- it puts us into our own awareness of the present. Instead of being trapped in the circle of people and places, that change constantly, we take that as our power. We let it happen and know we're better for it, for some reason. The beginning from the past gives us the beginning for our future. In this we understand what we needed to have, in order to understand what we will have. So, the future is not as scary, and we have a sense for ourselves among the reasons by which we were meant to let go; and let in what we were always supposed to.

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