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  • Bryce Runyan

No Guilt in Nothing

A strange title to read; what does it mean, exactly?

As a person who likes to create things, there can be periods of time where we just don't make anything. For any reason - too busy, creative blockage, too distracted, etc. - there can be times where the creation stops. Not everyone will be bothered by that, but there are definitely some people who feel bad for having made nothing in a stretch of time (like myself).

There is no reason to feel guilty for not creating, so long as it isn't negatively impacting your life (e.g. your job is to make things to pay bills). If you haven't been into your hobby lately, that's okay! We live in a world where working is very important to our lives, but we aren't part of a hive or a colony, and you don't always need to be generating. We are intelligent, resourceful, and have earned our boredom and downtime.

Sometimes it can be relaxing to just do nothing; you've earned it either way. Don't beat yourself up for not making things even when nobody expects you to; don't beat yourself up because you didn't meet your goals; enjoy your existence and experiences instead of holding yourself to a generative quota!

Enjoy sleeping in more often, enjoy watching shows or videos all day; you have all the time in the world to keep creating!

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