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  • Makayla Dick

There's Tuff in the Dust

I bet you look at my title and wonder, what would that mean? Something specific came to my mind as I was writing the word tuff and the thoughts came for the development of a story. A lot of people ask writers, how they get out their stories in a way that creates a persona for their lives and creativity that exemplifies such an imaginative world.

I don't think writers do it on purpose, nor do they feel that they have anything to really say. It's more of a freely formed capsule, that glides itself off into outer space, and expects the wonder to move past its taste and touch and merge the two together. We don't ever really know where we want the story to go, but we do know how we want the story to feel. If you've ever had an intense dream where the characters and settings felt like a nostalgic area far from the sense of reality, you've stepped into the breath of a writer. Our dreams inspire us, they create us, and they use us in order to make a reality we want to wander.

There are so many things that converge when the inspiration of a breath hits us for one second and the passion of a million milli-seconds keeps us going. There is no stopping except for the fear that we were really never writing it but just making it up in our head. That's where the Tuff in the Dust comes in because it's tuff. It's not a simple gesture when it comes to knowing how to write and for what audience.

But, in the dust we find it and we build it because that's how visions are made.

Simply, in the quiet whispers of a wind that says we were made to write something astounding; not only for our readers but for ourselves in order to uncover that depth that surrounds our souls.

There is no comparison when it comes to speaking in words and no words to compare it to anything else, but there are words to explain everything we feel. This is the great legend, that we uncover what we were made of and to understand that there is something stronger beneath the crevices of the soul.

What are they and who are they, that speak as if they've been here for a thousand years, gaining the wisdom from beyond the deep oceans and for the callings of the reef in the world. We are beautiful workmanship, meant to search for the feelings greater than one word can explain. We were supposed to search for the one true place where our souls yet speak of; the home that calls our name to it every day as we live.


What Heaven are we writing of and how is that we write of all the heavens that pass within our mind every day. There is a current and there is a mystery to the reason by which we do it.

There's tuff in the dust.



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