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Writing, Video Games, and bringing them together.

Do you like writing, but also video games? Recently I have been wondering how I could combine two of my passions into one: writing and videogames. Videogames often require some form of writing, as games often tell or follow stories of some sorts, but what about the other way around? Can you write about video games?

It turns out you can, as I stumbled upon an article delving into how you can write about video games, potentially for a magazine or just for a blog, and can even make money as a freelance writer for video games. Nathan Meunie writes, “Almost every major video game website and print magazine out there uses freelancers. Everyone from IGN and GameSpot to PC Gamer and Official Xbox Magazine. Many medium-tier and smaller sites also use freelancers too.”

So scoring a freelance job where you can write about video games seems so much more possible, a way to combine two hobbies into one. Just think that next time you play a game that leaves you wonderstruck and wanting to write, you can maybe turn those words into money by writing about the video game. You can find more information from Nathan Meunie on writing and reviewing video games by clicking here.

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