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  • Makayla Dick

When It's the Right Time

There's a quote out there that says, "When it's not in God's time you can't force it... when it's in God's time you can't stop it." I believe there are so many things that we wait on for, the right house, the right boyfriend, the right friends, and so much more. I know I've caught myself in the waiting season it can be pretty frustrating; waiting on something you don't even know that will happen. It's pretty hard to understand for someone that's in a rut, to understand why they're in a rut and for what reason.

If we looked at our life as humans, to see the big scope of what certain experiences and situations had on our lives, I think it would be crazy to understand why they were put there. Imagine at the end of your life, going back through this big loop timeline and talking with God about why you had to go through a broken heart in order to relate to the friend hurting beside you. Or the child that was going through a tough time at school and they felt alone among all the bullying that was taking place around them. Maybe by going through our bad situations, it's not necessarily about us but that we can use them to help others through us.

There's a story of a girl who got cyberbullied in high school, it was a movie that came out around 2010. It was traumatizing to watch as she was being held down my her mother to not kill herself in her bathroom, with the pills pounding the floor as they fell. She was completely destroyed inside and it affected her so much that she felt the only way to make it better was to leave; forever. I think a lot of people have had people they've known, who have felt alone and we're hurting. We all if not most have felt the deep reverence for wanting to help them amongst their pain. I know I, for one, have experienced a time when I was feeling useless, yet a stranger popped out of nowhere and dug me out to a place where I felt I was on top of a mountain.

Usually, the people who are able to help you, are not always the ones who seem to have it all figured out. I think it's more the ones who don't think they do and have a lot more learning to go in order to figure themselves out. Those are the ones who can relate and give expression to those who feel like they've lost all theirs. There is so much power in the ones that give when they feel like they have not been given and to the ones who are in pain themselves yet help others with their hurt. The pain we've all been given is to unite us, in strength, vulnerability, and confidence. The fallen need humility and the humble need pain in order to be one with the world.



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