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Music for the Dark Soul

In many forms of media, music is used to set the mood. This is true for both movies and video games. With the right music, any kind of producer can make a scene far more memorable than what it would have been standing on its own.

Dark Souls, a game known for its challenge and difficultly, is also known for its great soundtracks. Even if someone is not a fan of the game itself, anyone could still be moved by the music.

Motoi Sakuraba, the composer of the Dark Souls trilogy, is responsible for the music of many games including many of the Mario games and smash bros.

I remember the first time I ever fought Dark Eater Midir and heard his theme music as I approached him. Though he was a tough boss and tore me to pieces I still found myself coming back for more purely because of the music playing in the background as he rained down torrents of fire. He was not the only boss to have this effect on me. Gael and the Soul of Cinder also had very memorable music to accompany their battle with the Ashen One.

One of the greatest things about the music of dark souls is that it tells a story. Whether it be the somber tones of Lord Gwyn’s theme or the intense sounds of Gaels themes. With Gwyn’s themes, it reflects the hollow husk of a man that is all that remains of a once-great lord. Gael’s theme, on the other hand, reflects his growing determination to beat you as he fights harder and harder. These themes give the listener insight into the character's mind and backstory allowing them to better understand what drives the character.

The article “Soundtrack of the Decade: #4 – Dark Souls Delivers a Soundtrack as Unforgettable as Its Gameplay” by Graham Banas explains how wonderful the soundtrack as well as how memorable it was to those who heard it.

“The vast majority of these memorable tracks are tied to individual boss fights. This is true to such an extent that if a boss fight is mentioned, fans of the series can probably already hear the music playing.”

You can learn exactly why they felt that way by clicking here.

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