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  • Makayla Dick

The Niche of Risk Taking

Risk taking: a way by which we we fail over and over again in order to succeed. Risk taking within most people, is an aspect that is usually shied upon because of it's spontaneity. When we take risks, we take chances. And this is not only is seen within our business, job, or career, but within our self confidence, love, and esteem. Taking risks is not some light experience that we bring out of the tunnel once we figure it out, but a leap of faith out into a scary world. This confidence that we gain in order to take big risks, takes time and this is a process- sometimes being against your own will. Will Ferrell was actually a really shy person growing up, i know crazy right, and his will to push against it gave him confidence to do what he wanted. According to, the website claims "he had to work very hard to overcome his lack of confidence." This is an amazing revelation to people who think they have to stay within their "meant to be" will, skills and persona- and instead change up the game so they can be a better version who they aspire to be. If Ferrell hadn't of climbed up against his steps of fear, he couldn't have found the confidence he aspired to have through his path to fame. There is power in risk and to the taker who shifts the story to take it. All the traits you aspire to be, are within you. All it takes it risk in order to flame the path to self confidence, love, and acceptance for a beautiful life in the passions within yourself and ahead in your future.

To learn more take a look at this website and article, "How Taking Risks Can Lead You to a Better Life" : Click here and see how Farrell curated a new persona for himself, against the will of his past- present character. Also see the way he took risks in order to build that future.



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